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Relief from Digestive Disorders

Relief from Digestive Disorders


Identify Your Triggers and Take Control of Digestive Symptoms

Due to high demand, seats in the Clairity program are limited. Please submit your information below to reserve your spot in line. Should the program be offered again, participants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Ready to leave symptoms like gas, bloating and pain behind?

Based on her own diagnosis with IBS as a teen, Stephanie saw the need for evidence based treatment for people struggling with digestive disorders. After formal education in nutrition science, Stephanie is now one of the few registered dietitians in the world to provide her clients with methods to improve symptoms using clinically proven methods. The Clairity program has helped over 80% of clients experience significant symptom relief, in as short as 7 weeks.

There are three important phases:


In the first 7 weeks of the program, your goal is to experience relief from symptoms. Stephanie combines the Low FODMAP diet along with 6 other important, researched based strategies to get you real relief.


In the second 7 weeks of the program, you learn exactly WHAT you can eat and what you can’t. Follow the step-by-step plan each week to minimize symptoms while being able to clearly identify your symptom triggers.


Once you’re feeling more like yourself we want to keep you well and your symptoms away. Over the next 8 months you will learn exactly what will keep you feeling well and keep the fear of food gone forever.


1 How can Clairity help me?

Clairity is a digital skill-building program that will teach you how to find immediate relief from your symptoms and learn how to keep digestive issues from ruling your life. Led by Stephanie Clairmont, a registered dietitian and someone who has a digestive disorder, participants in Clairity will finally be able to feel like themselves again.

2 Who is eligible to sign up for Clairity?

Employees and spouses covered by the medical plan can sign up at no cost, however the program is limited to the first 100 applicants. Participants do not need to have a physician’s note or a digestive diagnosis to enroll in the program.

3 What’s provided in the program?

Clairity provides participants access to weekly video content, articles, recipes and tips that will give you what you need to understand your own individual triggers and overall digestive health. Along the way, you'll be connected with a certified dietitian and join a circle of individuals just like you who will encourage you along your journey back to normal.

4 Will my information be confidential?

Yes. Clairity is strongly committed to protecting your privacy, and it's also required by law. Medical professionals manage the program, and they alone have access to your information. This information helps provide personalized suggestions and support. Clairity will not share your individual health information, including names of those who sign up.

5 What if I have more questions about Clairity?

We want to make the enrollment process as simple as possible. If you do have further questions, please feel free to send an email to support@clairitynow.com.